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"It's isn't about what's wrong with you, It's about what happened to you" - Unknown

Everything feels hard. Your thoughts are difficult, and your feelings are out of control. One moment you feel fine and the next you can't understand why you feel angry, sad, and overwhelmed, it all feels like too much. 

You find it hard to sleep, and the sleep you do get almost never feels restful. Each day you are tired, and on edge. You might feel worried all the time, that constant ache in your chest, or pit in your stomach. Maybe you're starting to have flashbacks, memories and images are happening when you don't expect and you feel scared or even angry. 

You know that this isn't working anymore, and that you need help.

Our brain works hard to protect us and ensure our safety. When we experience a traumatic event, or repeated traumas, our brain sees our environment as unsafe. Alerting us to perceived dangers, keeping us constantly alert, and aware of our surroundings. Our hypervigilance, worry, and fear can impact our relationships, and work. It can lead to isolation and general sense that no one is safe. 

Together we will work to help your brain to identify when there is an actual danger, or when it's ok to feel calm, to feel at ease. We will work together to process the traumatic event, and the memories that are coming up for you in a way that allows you to feel safe, and in control. We will draw on your strength and perseverance to become integrated and whole.

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