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Sex Postive & Kink Affirming

"Do not be afraid of exploring your sexuality, fantasies, or desires. Embrace them. Love them. Make them yours. They are part of who you are." - unknown

We all have sexual desires and fantasies; ways in which we are curious about engaging in sex. However, due to to how our society treats sex, the stigma and shame attached to it, we can feel embarrassed or even too repulsed to explore these feelings. 

When we are told to not talk about sex, or that it is unhealthy, wrong, or bad, we are being told to cut off a vital piece of what it means to be a person. This can lead to depression, anxiety, loneliness, and isolation. This can lead to acting out on these feelings in an unhealthy way that turns into shame and regret. The desires can feel strong, but in direct conflict with how we were raised, leaving us feeling inadequate and unfulfilled.

Together we will work to explore the internal and external factors that have limited your ability to identify and develop your sexuality and desires. We will focus on destigmatizing sex, specifically when it comes to women and enjoying sex and we will focus on how to communicate your sexual needs and desires to your partner(s).

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