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Family Systems & Attachment 

"To heal is to touch with love that which we previously touched with fear" Stephen Levine

Sometimes we can grow up alone, even in a house full of other people. It's not uncommon to feel different than your family, maybe as an outsider, or observer. Sometimes our parents or caregivers couldn't give us the time we needed, they were busy, or preoccupied.

Maybe we were encouraged to not share with others what was happening at home and so we struggle with communicating; with trusting others, or trusting ourselves.

We don't know how to get our needs met without feeling scared, selfish, or worried.

We struggle in our relationships as adults, scared to progress, worried about our own family that we may have some day.

Through the use of somatic & relational therapy we will work together to explore your own relationship patterns, and draw from your past experiences in relationships with your family, spouse, children, and community. We will work to identify your attachment style that will work to improve current relationships. We will explore the relationships you want in your life, set boundaries, and improve communication.

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